StarCamp is a venture builder, business accelerator and equity investment initiative. Our focus is to support and accelerate seamless multiverse life convergence, empowered by advance technology. We start and help startups within those categories to achieve the next-level targets. We provide full range of 'no-nonsense' execution-oriented services, within the areas: Business, Financial, Technology, Operation and Production.

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Based on what we have - our experiences, skills and knowledges - we created our new paradigm on seeing a business. We call it Venture Building Triangle.

As the base of everything is the mission. This becomes the reason of why a business exists. Then the people that bring the mission will be able to start a business with the help of capital. Capital is mostly in the form of money or fund, as well as skills, knowledge, network, etc.

Inside a solid Mission - People - Capital triangle, then a venture can be built solidly with its components: Cash Flow, Sales & Communication, Technology, Process and Standards, Legal aspects, then Product/Services.

StarCamp Academy aspires to transform anyone with a strong desire to bridge Indonesia towards the future of technology. We committed to develop new digital talents by constantly nurturing and preparing them with new skills as they progress and participate in accelerate the technology industry.

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August 26, 2022
NXC International Summit 2022

Unleashing Web3 Potential, Advancing Next Indonesian Unicorns

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04 Sep 2022
Starcamp Pamer Metaverse di NXC International Summit 2022

PT Starcamp Bisnis Akselerator (Starcamp Asia) memamerkan teknologi Metaverse dan Web 3.0 di ajang NXC International Summit 2022 di Nusa Dua, Bali.

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August 26, 2022

Empower your brand with NFTs.

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August 26, 2022

Next level engagement with your millenial consumer with 3D Metaverse.

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Working at Starcamp Asia means collaborating on fresh ideas inside an ever-changing startup environment.

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