The enthusiasm and effort of the founders to build a business accelerator has been fostered since 2005

StarCamp is a venture builder and business accelerator initiative. We help startups and businesses to achieve their next-level targets. We provide full range of 'no-nonsense' execution-oriented services.

Our service to businesses covers from Strategy, Financial, Technology, Operation, until Production areas. We work together with our core-team, Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR), project team, consultant, and partners, to deliver our services to clients and portfolios. Whether you are in an early stage of a startup, or your mid-to-big business wants to expand and keep relevant to the current trend, we will be a right partner for you to talk to.

We might help you to look for founding partners, provide you executives or professional hires, develop tech team and its contents, or even we are able to put investment into your idea or business as well. With our vast experience and wide network, we are sure that we can bring a lot of benefits to you. Contact us, let's have discussions. We can show you how StarCamp can help you and be the right partner to grow.

What we believe

Based on what we have - our experiences, skills and knowledges - we created our new paradigm on seeing a business. We call it Venture Building Triangle.

As the base of everything is the mission. This becomes the reason of why a business exists. Then the people that bring the mission will be able to start a business with the help of capital. Capital is mostly in the form of money or fund, as well as skills, knowledge, network, etc.

Inside a solid Mission - People - Capital triangle, then a venture can be built solidly with its components: Cash Flow, Sales & Communication, Technology, Process and Standards, Legal aspects, then Product/Services.

Organization Structure

The world of venture builders.

Muhammad Agus Salim

Group CEO & Co-founder

  • ITB Informatics ‘91 (cum laude) - Indonesia
  • Dipl. Wirt. & MBA from NGU Germany
  • Experiences: IDX, IBM Indonesia & Germany, PwC Germany, Pos Indonesia, Whitebox Logistics Singapore, Masvent, National Data advisor of Coordinating Ministry of Economics, Paxels Logistic
  • IT & Logistics Enthusiast
  • Enterprise system technology architect
  • 16 years as Entrepreneur
  • German Alumni Association Secretary General, Habibie-programs Alumni Association Expert Board

Edward I Chamdani

Commissioner & Co-founder

  • Harvard Business School Online - Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Emeritus Institute of Management in collaboration with Columbia Business School & MIT Sloan
  • Southern Tech, Mechanical Eng., Marietta, Georgia
  • Co-Founder & Managing Partner Ideosource VC & Gayo Capital
  • Deputy - VC & Alternative Funding of Kadin Indonesia
  • Ex IBM Indonesia and multiple tech startups
  • Advisory Board: Indonesia CXO Network (ICION), and other startups investor by Ideosource VC and Gayo Capital