We offer comprehensive 6 (six) service packages

Roadmap & Planning

We support all the things that you need to plan your startup or your business. We will advice you-or even build you-a startup deck, business and technology strategic and operational planning, information memorandum (info memo), business and technology expansion roadmap, until your technology system architecture.

Community & Networking

We will help startups and businesses to connect to suitable communities and networks to help them expand. We will help to seek and build fruitful win - win and synergistic relationship with new partners. At the end the efforts shall expand sales, suppies and growth of the business.

Coaching & Consulting

We provide subject matter experts, deep specific expertises; We do coaching and mentoring of specific purposes, especially in the area of business and technology consulting - and their linkage. We have vast access to knowledge in associations, formal or non formal education institutions.

Fund, Capital,
IPO & Exit

A rare service that's provided by a venture builder, is that we provide you with quick access to investment institutions, and give advice to you about money, funding and capital requirements. We can dicuss and we will give advice as well if you have plan to do IPO or anything about your exit strategy.

Talent Sourcing &
Team Building

All the things about people and talents. Those are one of our expertises. We keep helping startups and businesses to look for talents : co founders, partners, professional - hires even daily workers. We source for business and technology talents, do HR placements as well as plan and build organization & team.

Business Expansion &
JO / JV Setup

Business expansion is inevitable. We provide consultation on it, and develop business plan as well as innovation and expansion execution. We build and setup Joint Ventures (JVS) and Joint Operations (JOS), as well as Merger and Acquisition (M & A) advisory and dealing services.